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ACA woes, Meatball the Bear, Typhoon Haiyan health risks and more

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President Obama Discusses Affordable Care Act

Insurance cancellations continue to plague the ACA

Many Americans who bought their own plans in the private market are finding that some insurance plans are being cancelled because they don't meet the minimum requirements under the law. There are proposals in Congress, from both Republicans and Democrats to fix this, but some worry they may do more harm than good.
Humanitarian Efforts Continue Following Devastating Super Typhoon

Typhoon Haiyan victims face many health risks

Basic needs like food, clean water, and shelter are still hard to come by, and, if not addressed soon, this natural health disaster could evolve into a public health threat.
Tacloban relief

Tacloban transplants to the US help home city after typhoon

Tonight, Filipino-Americans will hold a special mass at the St. Philomena Church in Carson for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. The organizers of the event are a tight-knit community of immigrants from Tacloban, the coastal city hardest-hit by the typhoon.

Researchers discover new big cat fossil in Himalayas

While hunting for fossils in the Himalayas, a team of researchers found the skull of a cat. A big and very old cat. 4.4 million years old, to be precise.
meatball the glendale bear
The sanctuary housing Meatball the Bear is trying to wrest control of the Twitter account and its associated copyrighted name from bear advocate Sarah Aujero.
Miami Dolphins v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Dolphins can't swim away from controversy, when going for a run is a punishable offense and how a full, flowing head of hair can be charitable as well as beautiful.

Want to buy a California gold mining ghost town?

An ad recently posted on Craigslist offers the chance for a modern-day pioneer to purchase the small gold mining town of Seneca for the low cost of $225,000.
Oakland Raiders v New York Giants

NFL claims to have final say on LA football stadium deal

According to Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal, the National Football League has told teams that the league owns the L.A. market.

Sacramento already buzzing about next year's election

The ballot for November of 2014 already's a hot topic in Sacramento, particularly the propositions, as The California Report's Scott Detrow explains.
Poseidon Desalination Plant proposed for Huntington Beach
In Newport Beach, a crowd has gathered for a California Coastal Commission meeting about a proposed desalination plant in Huntington Beach.
Spark App

App Chat: Unique ways to capture life's fleeting moments

Capturing memories with your phone can be a disorganized, disjointed process. Host A Martinez speaks with Jacqui Cheng about apps that help you capture your most unique moments in unique ways.
Little Lambs Daycare 4

Serving healthy meals to preschoolers in a 'food desert'

The City of Compton recently opened a farmer's market, and some are trying to address healthy eating problems by focusing on the city's youngest residents. KPCC's Deepa Fernandes reports.
Slaughterhouse Series

Dreaming beyond the slaughterhouse

Ever since the large meatpacking plants moved from places like Kansas City and Chicago, rural Midwestern towns have been dealing with a huge influx of immigrants.
"Studies show there is an association between regularly skipping breakfast and higher body mass index," an obesity researcher says. "But it does not necessarily represent cause and effect."

What's behind the decline in cold cereal sales in the US?

Cereal sales are still on the decline and Kellogg recently announced that they would be cutting thousands of jobs. Does this mean the breakfast staple on its way out?

New company at LAX lets you rent out your car while you're gone

What if instead of paying to park your car at the airport, someone paid you to leave it there?

The mysterious and dangerous nature of moon dust

Many people have thrown around the idea of creating a base on the moon, but there are some major issues. New Yorker writer Kate Greene joins the show to discuss her article about the dangers of moon dust.

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