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Proposed farm bill bars states from passing stricter regulations

An important interview with a hen.
An important interview with a hen.
Sanden Totten / KPCC

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There may be trouble brewing in the hen house. Back in 2008, California voters passed a law requiring that farm animals—including egg-laying hens—would have space to move around in their cages.

A proposed measure in the $1 trillion federal farm bill would bar states from passing stricter regulations of farm products.

If those products are bought and sold over state lines, the measure could also affect more than 100 other state laws nationwide.

According to McClatchy's reporter Michael Doyle, the measure would reverse not only the enclosure requirement for farm animals, but also the bans on foie gras and shark fin soup in California.

On the other hand, Representative Steve King says he's trying to protect states from dictating standards for the entire country. What are the chances the Democrat-led senate would go along with the House measure?


Michael Doyle is a reporter for McClatchy's Washington bureau.