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LA City Council: A proposal to make public comments from your computer

by Take Two®

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Patricia Lopez addresses the Whittier City Council in support of changing at-large elections to a district election format. Sharon McNary/KPCC

KPCC has embarked on a series called Project Citizen, which looks at the rights, responsibilities, traditions and privileges that come with being a citizen. What if there was a way to influence Los Angeles City Hall from the comfort of your own home? Take Two discusses with KPCC political reporter Alice Walton. 

Los Angeles Councilman Bob Blumenfield is proposing a pilot program that would allow remote testimony via Google Hangout during city council committee meetings. No more than nine people could remotely testify at any one meeting. 

Blumenfield says the goal of his motion is to make City Hall more accessible and transparent.

Would you participate? 

If you could make public comments from your computer at home:

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For more on Project Citizen, visit kpcc.org/citizen.

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