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Searching for family after Typhoon Haiyan, capturing LA's mountain lions, Playstation 4 and more

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The search for family members in the Philippines

Christina Dunham, a resident of Northern California, has been trying to contact family members in some of the worst hit regions this past week. She joins Take Two to tell about her struggle to connect with family in the Philippines.

Friday Flashback: Affordable Care Act fix, House vote and more

It's Friday Flashback, a time to look back at some of the big stories and headlines in news this week. Joining us today are James Rainey and Elahe Izadi.
lalo alcaraz
While many criticized the idea early on, many have warmed to the idea after the announcement that noted artist and satirist Lalo Alcaraz would be one of the writers.
Falls Music Festival - Day 2

All about the love: Grouplove's 'Spreading Rumors'

Every Friday on Take Two we profile a different musical act that's doing something notable. This week it's all about the love with the LA based indie band Grouplove and their new album "Spreading Rumors".
Coachella Valley mascot
Coachella Valley Unified will be holding a special meeting tonight to discuss the recent controversy surrounding its mascot.

'Mortified Nation' takes your awkward teenage years on stage

The new documentary, "Mortified Nation," showcases stage shows around the country where adults read from the diaries and journals they kept as kids in front of a live audience. It's sometimes embarrassing, but always funny.
13 - DCFS Night Shift

A look at some of the challenges facing the troubled DCFS

KPCC's Karen Foshay was granted rare access to some of DCFS's frontline workers, getting a glimpse of the challenges facing the troubled agency. She joins us on Take Two.
First Edition Of Madrid Games Week

Playstation 4 makes it debut today

Gamers are gearing up for the much-anticipated release of Playstation 4 today. Sony has sold more than 80 million PS 3s since its release in 2006.

'12 Angry Men', six of them black

A new production of the play, "12 Angry Men," twists the formula of the classic drama by dividing the racial make-up of the jury between black and white.

Picture This: Steve Winter captures LA's elusive cougars

How do you take a photo of an animal you'll never see? That was wildlife photographer Steve Winter's conundrum when he set out to capture the cougars that roam the hills of Griffith Park.

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