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Dueling Dinosaurs, and the humans fighting over their remains

Dueling Dinos

Seth Wenig/AP

In this Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013 photo, a nanotyrannus lancensis fossil is displayed in New York. Two fossilized dinosaur skeletons found on a Montana ranch in 2006 are coming up for sale in New York City. The nearly complete skeletons are billed as the Montana Dueling Dinosaurs.



This July 26, 2013 photo provided by Bonhams shows fossilized dinosaur skeleton in a plaster jacket at a location in central Montana. Described by Bonhams auction house as a Nanotyrannus, thought to be a close relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, it is one of two skeletons found on a Montana ranch in 2006 which are coming up for sale in New York City. Bonhams says the dinosaurs — a plant eater and a meat-eater — would have stood about eight feet high and appeard to be locked together in mortal combat where they were found.

A fossil known as the Dueling Dinosaurs goes up for auction in New York on Tuesday.

It is two intertwined dinosaur skeletons, one carnivore, one herbivore, that appear to be caught in duel to the death.  The fossil is scientifically significant due to the active pose, but it may never be studied. 

National Geographic dinosaur writer Brian Switek joins the show to discuss why the secrets of the Dueling Dinosaurs could be lost in the confines of a private collection.

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