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'Selfie' is Oxford's word of the year, beating out 'twerk' and 'bitcoin'

Alex Cohen and A Martinez

Alex Cohen

Take Two hosts A Martinez and Alex Cohen pose for a selfie.

Here's a word for you: Selfie.

If you are frequent user of social media you've probably seen 'em, or maybe even taken one. It's a photo of yourself, by yourself or with a friend, family or maybe with an inanimate object.

Sure, we've been taking self-photos for some time but its become so much easier with the advent of smart phones, less likely you are to just get the top of your head or an ear. They've become so ubiquitous that the term itself has been named international word of the year by the Oxford Dictionaries.

Joining us to talk more about the "selfie" is Katherine Martin, head of the U.S. Dictionaries Program for Oxford.

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