ProPublica name-brand drug report, 'selfie' is word of the year, graphic Gettysburg Address and more

Millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to pay for expensive and often unnecessary brand-name drugs.
Fronteras Desk

Cold Storage: Migrants refer to border cells as 'freezers'

A detention cell is not designed to be comfortable. But human rights groups and migrants who've crossed illegally into the US say the conditions inside some American Border Patrol stations have become unsafe.
Alex Cohen and A Martinez
If you are frequent user of social media you've probably seen 'em, or maybe even taken one. It's a photo of yourself, by yourself or with a friend, family or maybe with an inanimate object.

The cost of tradition: Holding on to quinceañeras in the US

Families empty their pockets to throw a party, sometimes bigger than a wedding, for their little girls.
This week's massive cyber-heist was facilitated by the ease with which criminals have learned to hack the magnetic stripe on the back of ATM, debit and credit cards.

Five suspects arrested in $45 million ATM bank heist

The heist resulted in the theft of $45 million from ATM’s around the world.
Kindergarten Jazz - 1

In jazz-loving Culver City, music instruction starts in kindergarten

Culver City Unified has been refining its arts plan for a decade. Now, the district even offers specialized music instruction to its kindergarteners.
Shane Mosley v Sergio Mora
It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday our weekly new music segment. This week we're going to be talking about rock with Justino Aguila from Billboard Magazine and music critic Steve Hochman.
A Polish pianist built the rare instrument — a combination of a piano and a viola — based on the Renaissance master's original design and played it: We have video!
A Hazardous Materials (HazMat) team use

Report: California fails to keep track of toxic waste

The Los Angeles Times published an investigative piece this week that highlights enormous flaws in how the state tracks toxic waste. This is how big the problem is: 174,000 tons of waste has gone missing over the last five years.

Texas silver mine, border county's largest taxpayer, shuts down

After two years of hopes of an economic injection to a poverty-plagued part of the border, a Texas silver mine is shutting down at least until next year.
Dueling Dinos

Dueling Dinosaurs, and the humans fighting over their remains

Researchers may lose access to this important artifact because its finders may sell it to a private collection, limiting the amount that scientists can study and publish about it.

The Gettysburg Address gets a graphic novel treatment

A hundred and fifty years ago President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. Now a new book has a completely different take on the speech and what it meant at the time.
Chris Nichols

Chris's Collection: Alhambra's First Federal Savings Bank model

Chris Nichols is editor at Los Angeles magazine, and he's also quite the collector of things from eras gone by. From time to time, he brings some of his treasures into the studio for a little show and tell.
Coast Guard Boards Foreign Ships To Check Security

January deadline looms at Port of Oakland to upgrade trucks or install filters

Truckers in the Port of Oakland grabbed headlines last week when they demanded an extension — and extra funding — to a January 1st deadline. That's when they're supposed to upgrade their engines to meet California pollution standards.
According to the Associated Press, at least 30 journalists have been kidnapped or have gone missing during the Syrian civil war. That's an unprecedented number, and it's almost eliminated news coverage in the country.
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