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Iranian community in LA reacts to US-Iran nuclear deal

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Saudi newspapers headlining the deal made with major powers over Iran's disputed nuclear deal are seen on November 25, 2013 in the capital Riyadh. The accord the United States and its allies welcomed will put Iran's nuclear enrichment program on hold as talks continue, but it marks only the first stage in fraught negotiations. FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images

On Saturday, the U.S. and Iran reached a short term deal over what to do about that country's nuclear future.

The U.S. said it will lift some economic sanctions and in return. Iran has said that it will temporarily halt its nuclear enrichment program. Secretary of State John Kerry said the agreement was a starting point for negotiations on a more permanent solution.

Critics, including Israel's prime minister, say the U.S. is conceding too much in regard to sanctions, without getting enough in return. While this may be a big deal for people in Tehran, it's also a big deal for plenty of people here in L.A., home to one of the largest Iranian populations in the world.

Siamak Kalhor, host of the call-in radio show on KIRN Radio Iran, joins the show. 

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