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Judge blocks sale of state bond funds for California bullet train plan

High Speed Rail Anaheim

California High Speed Rail Authority

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) advertises that once this $68-billion dollar project is finished, travel time between San Francisco to Los Angeles will be 2 hours and 40 minutes. But longtime backers are reconsidering their support and filed a civil suit for financial mismanagement. The digitized picture is the HSRA vision of the Anaheim station.

On Monday, a judge in Sacramento blocked the sale of billions of dollars worth of bonds for California's high-speed rail project.

The judge also ordered the rail agency to re-do its funding plan for the project before any state money can be spent from the bonds. These are just the latest obstacles to construction of the railway

For more, we're joined by Tim Sheehan, who has been covering this story for the Fresno Bee. 

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