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San Bernardino: Portrait of residents of a problem-plagued city

William Valle

Sharon McNary/KPCC

William Valle, 31, sees opportunity and a good future in San Bernardino, despite its poverty and poor image.

San Bernardino

Sharon McNary/KPCC

Alex Ortiz bases his music production business, Heat Squad Muzik, in San Bernardino, where he recruits local talent in hopes of scoring a hit record.

Beth Ulmer

Sharon McNary/KPCC

Beth Ulmer, 59, lives in the Highland Palm area of San Bernardino. While she and her neighbors are alert to the city's crime, political and economic problems, she has no plans to leave.

With all the bad news coming out of San Bernardino -- the city bankruptcy, council members arrested, politicians recalled, poverty and a high crime rate -- you might wonder who would want to live there. 

KPCC's Sharon McNary found residents who want to be in San Bernardino and have high hopes for the city's future.

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