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Winner declared in Honduras presidential election, but turmoil persists



A street vendor sells newspapers in Tegucigalpa, on November 25, 2013, the day after general elections. Both leading presidential candidates in crime-wracked Honduras declared victory late Sunday, setting the stage for a possible round of street protests and violence in one the world's deadliest countries. With more than half the votes counted, conservative Juan Orlando Hernandez was ahead with 34 percent against 29 percent for leftist Xiomara Castro.

Yesterday, thousands of people took to the street in the capital of Honduras to protest the election results.

On Saturday the conservative party candidate Juan Orlando Hernandez was declared the winner. But rival Xiomara Castro and the supporters of her Libre party have rejected those results.

There were hopes this election could restore some stability to a country that has been wracked by poverty and violence. In 2009 a coup d'etat ousted then president Manuel Zelaya, the husband of current candidate Xiomara Castro.

Since then things have deteriorated and Honduras now ranks as one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Reporter Nicholas Phillips joins the show from Honduras with more.

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