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Colombian president Juan Miguel Santos visits the White House

Colombia OAS Drug Report

Fernando Vergara/AP

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos speaks at a joint press conference with OAS chief Jose Miguel Insulza about a regional study on the illicit drug trade, presented by Insulza to Santos at the Presidential Palace in Bogota, Colombia, Friday, May 17, 2013. The $2.2 million study which emphasizes drug abuse as primarily a public health issue, makes no firm recommendations, instead suggesting several possible ways to stem the illicit drug trade, which has fueled violent crime and corruption and even destabilized governments.

Today, the White House welcomes the Colombian president, Juan Miguel Santos, to his second official visit to the U.S. 

His country has been a rare Latin American ally for the United States, as leftist governments in the region have been largely critical of their neighbor to the north. Here to tell us more about Colombia-U.S. relations is Jeremy McDermott, former correspondent for the BBC and now a research fellow for the the think tank Insight Crime.

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