Cyber Monday, battle of the Hollywood trade mags, tracing our trash's epic journey and more

The battle of the Hollywood trade mags

Print versions of Daily Variety, like this one from 2003, will no longer be available on L.A. newsstands. Variety will continue online and in a print weekly, but the daily print edition is being dropped.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Print versions of Daily Variety are no longer available on L.A. newsstands.

Movie making is business in this town, and like most major industries, Hollywood has its own trade publications.

For decades, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety were Tinsel Town's go-to sources for film news. But times have changed, and now there are four competing entertainment "rags". Lately, that competition has become very, very nasty.

Patrick Goldstein, reporter for Los Angeles Magazine, joins the show to explain. 

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