Cyber Monday, battle of the Hollywood trade mags, tracing our trash's epic journey and more

Junkyard planet
When you drop a piece of paper or a used plastic bottle into that recycle bin, where does it actually go? The answer: It depends. Our trash, whether it's an old car, Christmas lights or newspaper, may travel the world before it becomes something new.
US Consumers Expected To Spend $1.5 Billion On Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping
Cyber Monday — as we're wont to call it — broke all time records, becoming the biggest online shopping day in history. Online sales were up 21 percent from 2012 according to IBM reports, and mobile traffic accounted for about 1 in 3 of those visits.
Colombia OAS Drug Report
The White House welcomes the Colombian president, Juan Miguel Santos, to his second official visit to the U.S.
Print versions of Daily Variety, like this one from 2003, will no longer be available on L.A. newsstands. Variety will continue online and in a print weekly, but the daily print edition is being dropped.

The battle of the Hollywood trade mags

For decades, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety were Tinsel Town's go-to sources for film news. But times have changed, and ow there are four competing entertainment rags. Lately, that competition has become very, very nasty.
Budweiser Made in America Festival - Day 2

Tuesday Reviewsday: Khari Mateen, Solange Knowles and more

In our weekly feature, our reviewers pick their favorite new music. Take a listen and view videos by their recommended bands.

Hell's Angels bike gang sues often, despite outlaw image

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has a reputation as one of the nation's oldest and toughest biker gangs. Turns out, they're also quite litigious.
Activists Demonstrate For Immigration Reform Outside Detention Center In New York
That sort of arrangement would entail compromises, but just what sort of compromise are the millions of immigrants living in this country willing to make?
City of Palmdale
Earlier this year, a L.A. County judge found that Palmdale's at-large elections — where the whole city votes on each district's representative — was in violation of the California Voting Rights Act and therefore illegal.
Homeless Death Police

Inside the Kelly Thomas trial

We look at the trial of two Fullerton police officers, accused of beating homeless man Kelly Thomas to death.
Mercer 19890

A new threat looms for the San Francisco Bay

Now we head north, where the San Francisco Bay finally recovering from 150 years of mining pollution.
Murder on the Mekong

Author Jeff Howe talks 'Murder on the Mekong'

Thirteen Chinese merchant sailors, killed execution style in Asia's Golden Triangle. That's the subject of a new investigative report, published by the Atavist and written by Jeff Howe.

Catchphrases and the American cultural psyche

"Where's the beef?" and "Wassup?" aren't just questions, but famous catch phrases that once captured the American cultural psyche
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