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What's a co-pay? Insurance Q&A, holiday manners, missing DDT and more

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Enrollment Fair Held In Southern California

Defining the often confusing health insurance terms

The Affordable Care Act is forcing millions of Americans to confront the daunting challenge of picking health insurance.

California GOP hosts 'fake' Obamacare site

As if people weren't confused enough about health care, Republicans here in California aren't making things any easier. State assembly members have been sending their constituents to the website, CoveringHeathCareCA.com.
Federal Judge Rules On Detroit Bankruptcy Eligibility
A judge presiding over that city's bankruptcy case ruled yesterday that public employee pensions are not protected from cuts, as officials there try to rebalance budgets and regain some economic footing. This goes against what most state officials in California have always believed, that pensions are sacrosanct under the law and can't be touched.
El Mandril Show
The El Mandril Show, hosted by Ricardo "El Mandril" Sanchez, heard in dozens of cities around the country, has been off the air in LA and other cities.
Mexico City

Members of Catholic Church targeted by Mexican drug cartels

Members of the religious community in Mexico have been increasingly targeted by powerful gangs for extortion, threats and even murder.
Fronteras Jude Joffe Block

Arizona-Mexico tensions begin to thaw

There are signs that officials in Arizona and Mexico are getting along better. That's after Arizona's immigration enforcement law provoked deep tensions a few years ago. From the Fronteras Desk in Phoenix, Jude Joffe-Block reports local leaders are making an effort to boost trade and tourism.
USC Introduces Steve Sarkisian

Sports Roundup: USC football, Kobe Bryant, and more

USC and UCLA have settled their football coach situations, the Mamba is slithering closer to a return and what stadium would you like for your final resting place?
Here to helps us make these holidays as stress free as possible is Slate's Emily Yoffe, best known for her Dear Prudence advice column.
PV Shelf DDT - 1
Only 10 percent of the amount of DDT expected to be in ocean sediment off Palos Verdes was found in the last round of testing.
Activists Rally Against Fracking Outside California EPA Office

Water regulators examine fracking waste

The debate over fracking to extract oil and gas has focused largely on the chemicals injected underground, and their potential effect on public health.

App Chat: The best new apps for board game fans

There are many traditional board games finding new life online. Devindra Hardawar, national editor for Venture Beat, joins Take Two to tell us about his favorites

What role should technology play in LA classrooms?

The use of iPads and other technology in schools has been up for debate, even though technology has been in schools for some time. The latest move has ignited a growing debate as to whether some high tech tools are really necessary or as useful as they're held up to be.
Afghan movie theatres

Picture This: Capturing Afghanistan's cinema culture (photos)

Movies in Afghanistan were banned under Taliban rule, so when photographer Jonathan Saruk started seeing people going back to the movies he pulled out his camera.
Mob City

What's the point of TNT tweeting the script of 'Mob City'?

what happens in the show will come as little surprise to those who have been following @MobCityTNT. Ever since Monday, the screenplay for the first episode has been released in small chunks on Twitter.
 Run River North

Getting to know the LA-based band Run River North

The San Fernando Valley based band Run River North originally came to fame after they released a music video for one of their songs completely recorded in one of their cars. They continued to play and sing about their lives — including the Korean-American immigrant experience — regularly at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

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