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California citrus growers battle against freezing temperatures

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Icicles created by drip irrigation are illuminated by a cars headlights as they hang from an orange tree January 17, 2007 in Orange Cove, California. California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency as an estimated 70% of California's citrus crops have been damaged by a severe cold snap that is bringing below freezing tempuratures to California's central valley. The cold is expected to continue through January 21. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Citrus growers in Central California are feeling the low temperatures. 

The hard freeze watch issued to citrus farmers in the central and southern San Joaquin Valley area yesterday has prompted them to take preventive measures to protect their crops from the chill. The low temperatures, which are expected to reach the low 30s,  could potentially ruin citrus crops and cause a financial disaster for some of these growers.

Bob Knight, a citrus farmer in Redlands, joins the show to talk about how he's tackling the cold. 

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