LA and the 'Big One', spying in online games, the U.S. meat industry and more

Geothermal Production in the Imperial Valley has increased activities around the San Andreas Fault

After the 'big one,' will there be a Los Angeles left?

According to Dr. Lucy Jones, a science advisor for risk reduction with the U.S. Geological Survey, organizing an earthquake kit isn't enough.
occidental college
A report by the newspaper accused the Eagle Rock college of not reporting allegations of sexual assault. The Times subsequently corrected its story.

Coffee table books that make perfect presents

Book critic and founder of the Libros Schmibros lending library, David Kipen, gives us his picks for holiday presents, including beautiful coffee table books.
Mercer 13896

On the Lot: Let awards season begin

The Los Angeles Times' Rebecca Keegan joins the show for our regular discussion of the film business, On the Lot.
Cold Snap Endangers California Citrus Crop

Citrus farmers continue to battle against cold snap

The low temperatures continue to threaten citrus crops all around California.
Womens College Cup

UCLA wins first NCAA women's soccer title

UCLA women's soccer has competed for the College Cup three times since 2000.
Mexican officials say they are suspects in the theft of radioactive material - called cobalt-60 - stolen on December 2.
Bike Trains

Grassroots project working to get more Angelenos on bikes

Bike Trains organizes work routes so riders can bike in groups.
When you play a game like World of Warcraft, you're not only playing with dwarf paladins and goblin mages, but human spies, too. The New York Times and ProPublica report on how spy agencies have been monitoring communications on MMORPGs.
banksy flower girl 2008 mural street art

The hazy line between art, vandalism and commerce

Art critic Ben Lerner explores the world of art vandalism - people who physically attack works of art - in a new piece for Harper's magazine.
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Throughout our history, the American meat industry has been both a source of American pride and suspicion. A new book looks at how meat came to define part of what it is to be American.
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