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House And Senate Budget Chairs Unveil New Government Funding Plan

Congress reaches bipartisan deal on federal budget

Yesterday, the House Budget Committee chairman, Republican Paul Ryan, and Democratic Senator Patty Murray announced a compromise on the budget. They did it a whole 35 days before the January 15th deadline.

Beyond the handshake: Where do US-Cuba relations stand?

On Tuesday, President Obama made waves when he shook the hands of Cuban leader, Raul Castro, at the memorial of Nelson Mandela.
homeless skid row los angeles
Unemployment rates are continuing to drop, but joblessness is still a major reason Americans are homeless, according to the 31st Annual Assessment of Hunger and Homelessness.
A picture taken on September 8, 2011 in
San Francisco's Board of Supervisors are putting together a ballot measure that would tax sodas and other sugary drinks.
Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers
Kobe Bryant has anchored the Lakers for 17 seasons now he may really be holding them down, NFL could be short for No Fun League and for some, winter in L.A. just doesn't quite feel right.
California Report

Swimming with great whites off the San Francisco coast

Most people stay away from shark infested waters, but others pay big bucks to take a dip in the Pacific near some of the most feared sharks in the world, the great white.
Prison Suicide - 3
Yesterday, a federal judge ordered the state to come up with a plan to provide long term psychiatric care to mentally ill prisoners on death row. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton called the current level of care inadequate.

Survey: Majority of San Diego Latinos feel some discrimination

San Diego celebrates its Hispanic roots through food, music and tourist attractions like Old Town, the city's original settlement, when this was still Mexico. But a recent survey commissioned by KPBS and San Diego Magazine finds that the people who gave us this cultural legacy face discrimination today.
American Fuel Up On Cheaper Gas Over The Border Of Mexico
A new survey finds that many migrants have experienced some kind of mistreatment at the hands of U.S. border agents. The survey asked more than 1,000 recently repatriated migrants from six Mexican cities.
Figure 1

App Chat: Figure 1 is like Instagram for doctors

One startup has decided to help out the medical industry by creating a photo sharing service for surgeons.
Anaheim Orchestra

Bring on the strings: Anaheim school district music program needs instruments

City school district hasn't had instrumental music classes for its 19,000 k-sixth graders. School leaders are trying to give students an orchestra.
The senate there voted to approve a bill that would — ideally — boost energy production by allowing foreign companies to drill in Mexico for the first time in more than 70 years.
Division Series - Detroit Tigers v Oakland Athletics - Game Five

The Oakland As and the state of sports in Northern California

For years now, the Oakland As have wanted to move to nearby San Jose. The baseball team wants to abandon their current stadium, the fourth oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. But Commissioner Bud Selig has said no way, San Jose.
Cowgirl Creamery

Cowgirl Creamery: How to host the perfect cheese party

The founders of the Cowgirl Creamery give tips on how the best ways to plan a cheese course.

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