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Asiana crash report, Pregnant in Prison, modern sleep habits and more

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A report released Wednesday by the NTSB points to two factors that caused the Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash: inexperience and Korean culture.
H & R Bails Out Last Minute Filers
There's good news for women in the workplace. A new study by the Pew Research Center finds that the pay gap is closing between men and women, especially for millennials.

MS-13 gang members, associates arrested for meth trade

On Tuesday, federal authorities announced the arrest of 19 suspects associated with the Mara Salvatrucha-13, or MS-13, the street gang that has roots both in Los Angeles and El Salvador.
08 Regina Zodiacal - Pregnant in Prison Prisoners Child Childcare

Pregnant in Prison: Should newborns live with their incarcerated mothers?

Pregnant women make up less than 1 percent of female prisoners – 188 California inmates gave birth in 2011 and 45 in 2012, when officials began moving prisoners to county jails to comply with a federal judge’s order to reduce prison overcrowding.
Newtown is thousands of miles away from southern California, but last year's shooting hit hard with the students at High Tech High in Chula Vista. A group of 45 students there are holding a Kickstarter campaign to film a documentary about gun violence. They have already raised more than $27,000.

LA exhibit mixes kids and guns as shock advocacy

LA photographer Greg Cohen grew up near Newtown, Connecticut. His exhibit of kids and guns portraits, Farewell to Arms is his effort to call for gun control.

'Into the Wild' pilgrims try to conquer Alaska's wilderness

Scores of "Into the Wild" imitators follow in Christopher McCandless footsteps each year, despite the obvious dangers.
12/9 Sheriff Baca conference 2
It's Thursday and that means it's time for State of Affairs, our look at politics and government throughout California with KPCC political reporter Alice Walton and politics editor Oscar Garza.
Hopi Art
In France, a judge will decide tomorrow whether 32 Hopi artifacts can go up for sale at an art auction. However, the Hopi tribe say those objects contain the spirits of their ancestors, and selling them as commercial art is illegal.
Cryptococcus gattii as it was named, was once limited to the tropics and sub-tropics, but it suddenly jumped ship around 2000 and started appearing in a new and deadly form. Since then it's spread to mainland British Columbia, Washington and Oregon, and it shows no sign of stopping.
Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta Water System Bay

SoCal water agencies press ambitious plan to remake Sacramento Delta

The California Department of Water Resources wants to restore the ecosystem of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta, while replumbing how Southern California gets much of its water.
sleep, insomnia

You Snooze You Lose: The trouble with modern sleep habits

Every morning, many of us hear our alarm clock blaring and hit the snooze button for that extra five minutes of rest. It never seems like enough, and there's a reason for that.
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