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Crowdfunding offers new source of cash for gun buybacks

San Francisco Holds Gun Buyback Event

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Surrendered firearms sit on a table during a gun buyback event on August 8, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Dozens of guns were turned in during a one-day gun buyback event in San Francisco's Mission District put on by San Francisco city officials. In hopes of reducing violence in the area, $100 was given for each working gun that was turned in and $200 was given for assault rifles.

Tomorrow four California cities are conducting gun buybacks, a voluntary exchange where people sell guns for cash, and the guns are then destroyed. Corporate sponsors are paying for the event in Los Angeles. In San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, most of the money is coming from crowdfunding.  

For the California Report, Aarti Shahani has the story

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