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With Delta water uncertain, LA looks to expand local supplies

Courtesy LA DWP

LADWP is doubling the capacity at its Tujunga Spreading Grounds by deepening it.

Courtesy LADWP

LADWP's looking to make the Tujunga Spreading Grounds more friendly to pedestrians and the public, even as it expands.

Courtesy LA DWP

Stormwater diverted to the Tujunga Spreading Grounds percolates down through layers of soil, which filter it.

Today is the first day for Californians to weigh in on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. It's a $25-billion blueprint to shore up the state's increasingly compromised network of channels and aqueducts that delivers a-third of Southern California's water.

But the massive project isn't expected to increase how much water we get. So at the same time, KPCC's Molly Peterson says we're looking locally for future supplies.

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