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Remembering Newtown, Tom Hanks, La La Brooks and more

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Wooden angels memorialize the victims of Adam Lanza's shooting spree in Newtown, Conn., last December. An upcoming Frontline documentary seeks to provide new details about Lanza and his mother, Nancy.
Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of the fatal shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. That day, 20 children were killed, the youngest, just 6 years old.
San Francisco Holds Gun Buyback Event

Crowdfunding offers new source of cash for gun buybacks

Tomorrow four California cities are conducting gun buybacks, a voluntary exchange where people sell guns for cash, and the guns are then destroyed. Corporate sponsors are paying for the event in Los Angeles. In San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, most of the money is coming from crowdfunding.
New York Lemonade
Gun violence is a terrifying threat, especially to kids. It's a theme that a young artist from the San Fernando Valley has addressed in his work, which he calls 3D Gun Art. 11-year-old Charles Gitnick joins us in the studio.
It's time for another Friday Flashback, our look a the week in news. To help us with that this week we're joined in studio by James Rainey of the LA Times, and by Nancy Cook of National Journal.
Saving Mr. Banks

Tom Hanks on becoming Walt Disney in 'Saving Mr. Banks'

Alex Cohen recently sat down with Tom Hanks for a talk about his career and what it was like to play Walt Disney in his new movie 'Saving Mr. Banks'.

Why did Beyonce secretly drop a new iTunes-only album?

Beyonce released a new, unexpected album at midnight eastern time last night, only available on iTunes. The move is generating a lot of buzz among her fans.
Los Angeles Traffic

California's population booms to more than 38 million

California has seen its largest population boost in almost ten years; a full one percent increase. That number comes from data pulled from the IRS, the DMV and the Pew Research Center.
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray, D-Wash., announce a proposed spending plan at the Capitol on Tuesday.

How are California lawmakers reacting to the House budget deal?

The final count for the vote in the House yesterday on the bipartisan budget bill was 332 to 94. The modest pact was designed to ease the effect of the next round of spending cuts which will hit next month.

With Delta water uncertain, LA looks to expand local supplies

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan would build tunnels to bring water to the thirsty south. How much is uncertain, so the LA DWP is shoring up local supplies too.

Cakebarring: Looking for love in LA, with cake

Like lots of people, Audrey Shulman had trouble finding a date, but unlike lots of people, her solution involved cake. Sitting in bars with cake, in fact. For one year, Audrey baked 50 cakes, gave each one away at a different bar, and wrote a blog about it. She called it cakebarring and Take Two's Lauren Osen went along on one adventurous night.
Black female seattle

The woes of being black, female and single in Seattle

Tonya Mosley, of public radio station KUOW, reports on being black, female and single in Seattle, where, like Los Angeles, African Americans make up less than 10 percent of the total population.
LaLa Brooks

La La Brooks on growing up in the golden age of funk

Back in 1963, the song "Da Doo Ron Ron" was a huge hit. The track, produced by Phil Specter, was recorded by The Crystals, featuring our guest LaLa Brooks. Fifty years later, Brooks is back at it with a new solo album called "All Or Nothing."
South of Stars
Watts is still in the early stages of change. KPCC's Mae Ryan followed two young musicians in Watts who took advantage of some of the resources in the community and now are trying to get out.

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