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California Releases Health Care Enrollment Numbers For Month Of October

What challenges remain for health care exchange enrollment?

The U.S. needs 7 million people to enroll in health insurance by the end of the first open enrollment period that ends on March 31.
Federal Reserve Board Of Governors Meet To Discuss Volcker Rule
Once in office, will her leadership be more of the same, following in Ben Bernanke's footsteps? Or will she put her own stamp on the job?
Rayen Luna Solar, 27,  33-week pregnant,

How new mothers can cope with postpartum body issues

A Norwegian fitness trainer recently stirred up lots of controversy by posting a selfie taken four days after she gave birth. Some call these photos inspirational, while others saying the pictures put tremendous and unfair pressure on new mothers who aren't able to achieve six pack abs
Fourth Trimester
After photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson had her first child, she bounced back pretty quickly. But the second time she got pregnant, it was a very different story.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Sneak Peek [HD]
This weekend, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" was number one at the box office, bringing in more than $73 million. Movie moguls Harvey and Bob Weinstein believe that some of that money should go to them.
Umami Burger - 1

Umami Burger plots global expansion

“It wasn’t designed to be a small brand,” said Umami founder and CEO Adam Fleischman. “It was designed to be global brand from the outset."
American Airlines passengers wait in line for a flight at Miami International Airport on Tuesday.
As the busiest travel season approaches, your local airport may be flying in a few new changes in security, fees and phones.
Cellphones Planes

The case for quiet, digital media-free spaces

Not everyone is excited by the FCC's proposal to lift the ban on cell calls mid-flight. Though it might be convenient for some, the thought of a plane full of people gabbing relentlessly is creating some criticism of the plan.
Station 6

The search for a new Los Angeles Fire Department chief

Late last week, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti confirmed with KPCC that his office is conducting a nationwide search for the next chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department. This will be the first time since the 1950s that a new LAFD head will not be hired from within the ranks.
NCAA Men's Final Four - Previews

The role that universities play in student athletes' diets

While reports circulate about the poor eating habits of professional athletes, their schools often feed collegiate sports stars. But how much is invested into their diet by dietitians and school budgets?
Homeland Security Agencies Work To Secure U.S.-Mexico Border In Arizona

Rise in spending on border security shows mixed results

Detentions along the U.S.-Mexico border are down and spending on border security is on the rise, but it's not clear that all that money is making a difference.
A computer workstation bears the Nationa

Somalis convicted of aiding terrorist group seek new trial following NSA revelations

Recently NSA director Keith Alexander said he doesn’t know how to ferret out terrorist plots on US soil without collecting and examining phone records.
drug heroin addiction

Wins and losses seen in New Mexico's efforts to reduce drug use

For almost two decades, New Mexico has led the nation in drug overdose deaths. In 2012, nearly 500 New Mexicans died from drug overdoses. For many, opioids — like prescription painkillers and heroin — are the drugs of choice, and they’re easy to find and often cheap.

The best holiday gift? A pardon from Governor Brown

Governor Jerry Brown is handing out holiday presents to a few lucky strangers: pardons for one-time criminals who've stayed out of jail, turned their lives around and made positive contributions to their communities.
Merry Lepper
Merry Lepper, now 71, accepts a commendation from Culver City for breaking distance running's glass ceiling in 1963.
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