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William Morris talent agency to merge with IMG

One of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood, William Morris Endeavor, has announced it's merging with the talent agency, IMG. For more on what this means, we're joined now by Cynthia Littleton, deputy editor of Variety.
A boy stands amid ruins in Tacloban, the Philippines. The city of 220,000 was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.
Earlier this week, the Philippine government announced that it had officially asked the US to grant Temporary Protected Status to Filipinos living here.
Gift gifts present presents bow wrapping paper wrapped holiday

The psychology behind gift giving and receiving

What's the psychology behind the gifts we choose for others? And how do marketing departments tailor their campaigns to our emotional connections to our loved ones?
Christmas Morning

How to manage your child's holiday gift expectations

Most parents know what not to give their kids, but figuring what to give them, and how much? Well, that's a bit trickier.
Santa pictures can be daunting for parents during the holiday season. Whether it’s their first time or their tenth time, you never know how your child will react to the strange man in a white beard
The headline in the LA Times says it all: "What's left of the Lakers outlasts the remains of the Grizzlies." Yes, the Lakers did beat Memphis last night, but like most things in Lakerland this year, it wasn't pretty.
Recently, former Major League Baseball player Ryan Freel became the first in the league to be publicly diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).
Mercer 6991
Private agencies currently provide care for 15,000 children across California. Kids living in this private foster care system are much more likely to face physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Children with mental illness lack access to emergency beds

Imagine your child is having a psychiatric emergency. You'd probably head to the nearest hospital, but in California, four out of five counties don't have any hospital beds for kids.
Cat in the Hat
With holiday travel coming up, now might not be a bad time to think about downloading some apps on your phone or tablet to keep the kiddos occupied as you deal with long waits at the airport or epic car rides.

Uber ride-sharing service under fire for price gouging

One app that's on many of our phones is Uber. A lot of people love the ride-sharing service, which allows you to summon a car with the press of a button on your smartphone. But now Uber is in hot water for price gouging.
Chinese banks cannot trade in Bitcoins, the digital currency that doesn't recognize international boundaries, China's top regulators said Thursday.

OC high-end car dealer accepts Bitcoin virtual currency

An Orange County Lamborghini dealership recently began accepting the virtual currency, Bitcoin, as a form of payment.
Cardinals Attend A Celebration At St. Peter's Basilica

Pope Francis appoints Cardinal Wuerl to bishop-naming panel

Pope Francis removed two American Cardinals from the Vatican's powerful Congregation for Bishops and appointed Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who by some accounts is less orthodox than his predecessors.

California wine collector convicted of fraud

Today, a California wine collector was convicted of fraud for making wine in his kitchen and passing bottles off as much older vintages.
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