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On The Lot: Academy membership, 'Blackfish', Technicolor and more

by Take Two®

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Killer Whales performing at SeaWorld flickr/MomMaven

Time for On the Lot, our weekly summary of news from the movie business with LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan. 

There's been a lot of talk this awards season about how diverse this years crop of awards bait movies are. We've got a number of black actors and filmmakers with "Twelve Years a Slave," and we've got a Mexican director, Alfonso Cuarón, for "Gravity." But that’s the nominees. The LA Times has taken a look at the people voting, the actual members of the Academy.

How does membership work? How do you get invited to become a member? What will it take to make the Academy more diverse?

On the shortlist for likely nominations in the documentary category is the film "Blackfish," about the troubling conditions for killer whales in places like Sea World. It made a big splash at Sundance last year and was shown on CNN. There's been this huge backlash against Sea World growing for the past year, and now  Sea World has actually responded. What did they do?

More casualties in the march to digital technology. The new Technicolor film lab in Glendale is closing.

The next installment of the "Fast and Furious" series. The seventh film has been announced for an April 2015 release. How will they be handling the death of star Paul Walker?

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