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A look back at the Santa Monica shooting with victim Debra Fine

by Take Two®

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Santa Monica shooting survivor Debra Fine spoke with KPCC's Take Two more than six months later. Fine was shot multiple times on June 7 while driving home. Maya Sugarman/KPCC

On June 7th of this year, Debra Fine was driving back from a voice lesson in Santa Monica. She was preparing to send an audition tape to the NBC singing competition "The Voice."

Traffic seemed gridlocked because President Obama was in town, so Debra decided to take side streets off Pico Boulevard back home. It was on one of those side streets that she came across a man, dressed in kevlar vest, pointing a semi-automatic rifle at a woman in a car and demanding that she pull over to the side of the road.

When Debra yelled at him, he pointed the weapon at her and opened fire, hitting her six times. She would later learn that the alleged shooter had killed both his father and brother, and would go on to kill three more on Santa Monica College's campus before being shot and killed by police.

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Debra spoke with KPCC reporter Brian Watt back in June and we wanted to check in with her as we remember 2013.  

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