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Typhoon Survivors Continue To Rebuild Their Lives During The Festive Season

UCLA nurse joins the Typoon Haiyan relief effort

Paolo Montenegro is a Neuro Trauma ICU nurse at UCLA. But for the past week, he's been traveling around various Filipino neighborhoods providing care to those who need it.

Deadly fungus threatening world's top banana crop

A fungus has already destroyed banana crops in Africa and the Middle East. Now, banana growers and harvesters are racing to keep the fungus from spreading to Latin America, which accounts for 80 percent of the fruit's worldwide exports.
These days, Americans are in search of the most exotic or hard to find foods, even challenging traditional notions of what is actually edible with things like bugs, brains, whale or horse.
An Alternative View - 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Tuesday Reviewsday: The best music of 2013, part I

In this edition of Tuesday Reviewsday, we're going to take a look back at the best of 2013 with Chris Martins from Spin Magazine and Shirley Halperin from The Hollywood Reporter.
Americans Sign Up For Health Insurance On ACA Deadline Day

2013 Review: The Affordable Care Act in the news

Stephanie O'Neill is our health care correspondent here at KPCC and joins us now to recap all of the Affordable Care Act news of the past year.
Government Shutdown Enters 2nd Week

What happens if Mary Landrieu ascends to energy post?

Louisiana's Mary Landrieu would likely take the helm at energy. That could spell big change for the oil and gas industries, as well as environmentalists.

2013 Review: A banner year for gay rights in the US

It's been a historic one for supporters of gay marriage. Even just this past week, New Mexico's Supreme Court formally recognized same-sex marriage, while a federal judge overturned Utah's ban on gay unions.

Santa's helpers lend a hand at LA post office

Every year, millions of children write letters to Santa. When he can't get to everything on a kid's wish list, Santa sometimes forwards the requests to helpers at the US Post Office.
Kid TV

Holiday Break: The case for letting your kids watch TV

As winter break nears, many parents are faced with a difficult decision: How much TV should I let my kid watch? They should be outside playing or reading a book, right? Our next guest thinks that a little TV might not be such a bad idea.
Bison have been roaming the Santa Catalina Island since the 1920s. At one time they numbered more than 600.

Catalina Island bison benefit from birth control efforts

A new study published this month by the Catalina Island Conservancy has found a successful, cost-effective way to maintain the bison population, and it may be more similar to humans than you'd think.
Dorothea Lange
Photographer Dorothea Lange is best known for her intimate portraits of Depression-era migrant farmworkers, but a new book shows how her life's work spans decades and continents.

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