Jordan Downs housing project, tax tips, 'Mañana Means Heaven' and more

An ambitious redevelopment project in Watts has locals concerned about the environment. The problem is that the soil is contaminated with lead, arsenic, and other industrial chemicals. Community activists say the city's plan to clean it up doesn't go far enough.
While many people look to tax preparation services for help, Tobie Stanger, editor at Consumer Reports, says online tools are often cost-effective.

Tax Tips: Getting your books in order for the new year

Christmas is over and now it's time to start thinking about taxes, right? Even if you're not prepared, we are and we've called in our expert to help you out.
Border Christmas

Paisanos returning home checked before leaving US

All across the U.S.-Mexico border, tens of thousands of Mexicans are returning home for Christmas as they do every year.
Mexico US Immigrant Youth

2013 Review: 'Dreamer 9' activist Lizbeth Mateo looks back

One of the most dramatic events in the immigration debate took place in July, when nine undocumented activists met at the port of entry at Nogales, Arizona at the US-Mexico border.
The Atavist

How the hippo almost became the answer to famine in the US

Once upon a time, about 100 years ago, a group of men put forth the idea of ranching hippos on the Gulf Coast. Host Alex Cohen speaks with Jon Mooallem about this bizarre moment in history, which he wrote about in his latest story, "American Hippopotamus."
NBC "Parks And Recreation" 100th Episode Celebration

Inside Hollywood's 'diversity hire' program for TV writers

The Writers Guild did a study earlier this year, confirming that the majority of writers in Hollywood are white men. Studios have tried to address this by hiring "diversity staff writers."
Mañana Means Heaven
In Jack Kerouac's classic novel, "On The Road", he writes about an affair he has with a young woman named Terry, also known as "The Mexican girl." Not much was known about this woman, until poet Tim Z Hernandez started looking into it.
Aja Brown
It's Thursday and that means it's time for State of Affairs, our look at politics and government throughout California. This week we have a very special treat for you, our State of Affairs Year-in-Review edition.

Mexico's cookie-cutter suburban housing model not working

Rising salaries and government aid turned millions of Mexicans into homeowners. That, in turn, has created more suburbs.
Obama Holds Education Town Hall In DC School

Latino media hits major milestones in 2013

In July, Spanish-Language TV network Univision hit a ratings milestone, topping NBC, ABC and FOX in the number of viewers between the ages of 18 and 49. It's also the year media executives began targeting Latino audiences with more programming in English.
Badwater Ultra Marathon
How about a foot race? A nice long one, say, 135 miles through Death Valley. Unfortunately, you'll be running it all by yourself. The official race, known as the Badwater 135, sent runners from Badwater Basin to near the top of Mount Whitney.
San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers

2013 Review: Looking back at the year in sports

For a look back at the year in sports we're joined by by Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, who have covered sports for ESPN and Los Angeles Times.
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