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1.3 million Americans to lose unemployment benefits

Congress left for the holiday recess without approving a federal extension of jobless benefits for those who have been out of work for six months or longer. There are several proposals to extend unemployment floating around Congress but the two parties have clashed over how to pay for it.
Spinach Growers Tally Losses As E. Coli Investigation Continues

Closure of migrant camps forces seasonal workers to make tough choice

The fields around Watsonville produce more than half a billion dollars in berries every year. After the raspberry vines have been cut back for winter and the strawberry fields plowed under, some farmworkers from Mexico still go back there for the holidays.
Memorials And Sunday Services Held In Honor Of Boston Marathon Bombing Victims
We look back at the biggest stories of 2013 with James Rainey of the LA Times and Alex Seitz-Wald of National Journal.
UCLA Early Science Education

Alan Alda challenges scientists to explain color to kids

You know what color is, but explaining the idea of it and how it works might be a little harder. But do it creatively to an audience of 11-year-olds and you could win the "Flame Challenge" contest hosted by Alan Alda.
Christmas Lights at Brookfield Zoo 042
Author Adam Minter found himself in China staring at thousand of pounds of broken strands of Christmas lights sitting in a giant pile. He was in a recycling facility where more than two million pounds of lights per year were broken down and turned into a number of other products.
Dr. Martha Twaddle talks to a patient and strokes her hair during a visit at the Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter in Skokie, Ill., in 2012.

Do end-of-life decisions change once you've seen a loved one die?

Maybe you have ideas of what you'd choose for your end-of-life care, but how do those "what if" decisions hold up when pressed against reality?
2013 was a big year for education. New policies changed classrooms, from what kids are taught in the classroom to the kinds of devices that they are using. KPCC's Education Editor Evelyn Larrubia joins the show to educate us on the year that was.
124th Rose Parade Presented By Honda

What to do with tourists in town for the Rose Parade

The city of Pasadena is home to 139,000 residents, but next week about a quarter of a million tourists are expected to descend on the Crown City.
The Internet

Odd Future's The Internet is back with 'Feel Good'

The Internet isn't just a technological invention that has revolutionized the way we live our lives. It's also the name of an LA-based neo-soul group who are part of the Odd Future collective, a group of 20-somethings who've taken over the L.A. music scene.

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