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Remembering the notable voices we lost in 2013

by Take Two®

South African National Congress President Nelson Mandela addresses in 1990. Trevor Samson /AFP/Getty Images

As we say our goodbyes to 2013, we also bid farewell to some of the people who touched our lives. From Take Two's Steve Proffitt, we bring you the voices of some of the ones we'll miss the most. 


Voices in order of appearance: 

George Jones

Nelson Mandela

Ray Manzarek (The Doors)

Stan Musial

Lou Reed

Al Goldstein

Conrad Bain

Peter O'Toole (from Laurence of Arabia)

Slim Whitman

Roger Ebert

Ed Koch

David Frost (interviewing Richard Nixon)

Ray Price

James Gandolfini

Richie Havens

Pat Summerall

J J Cale

Helen Thomas

Jean Stapleton

Hugo Chavez

Annette Funicello

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