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California Continues To Lead U.S. In Green Technology

California's cap and trade program reels in the green

A program to make California green has brought in a lot of green. The state's program designed to control CO2 emissions has netted one-point-one billion dollars in its first full year. But what to do with that money is another matter ent
South African National Congress President Nelson Mandela addresses in 1990.

Remembering the notable voices we lost in 2013

As we say our goodbyes to 2013, we also bid farewell to some of the people who touched our lives. From Take Two's Steve Proffitt, we bring you the voices of some of the ones we'll miss the most.

2013: A look back on the year in space

2013 was quite a year for space fans. We had that supersonic fireball explode in February over Russia, NASA launched the MAVEN mission last month to unlock the mystery of what happened to Mars' atmosphere, plus much more.
Scott Rinckenberger

Picture This: Scott Rinckenberger captures a fleeting meteor

Seeing a meteor streak through the night sky takes a certain amount of luck. Turn away for a second and you could miss it. Capturing one on film is even harder.
Time for On The Lot, our weekly look at the business of entertainment with Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times.
Farmworkers Mobilize In Miami For Immigration Reform
2013 started out as the year for sweeping overhaul , at least, that's what President Obama and many Senate Democrats were hoping for.
Timberwolves Lakers Basketball

Forget the Lakers, here come the Triquis

Los Angeles lives and breathes basketball. It should come as no surprise Oaxacan immigrants in L.A. operate a children's basketball league with dozens of teams.
Russ Parsons - Tacos Tumbras a Tomas 2

Why 2013 is the year of the taco

As we take a look back at the year that was, we're looking at all the epic moments, all the trends and important people that defined 2013. We turned to our intrepid food contributor, LA Magazine's Bill Esparza, to talk about the flavors that defined the last year.

The 5-plus best Korean restaurants in LA

Koreatown native Matthew Kang has put together the official list of the best Korean restaurants in L.A. and share it with Take Two.
Daenerys Targaryen sea slug
The news that scientists in Brazil recently discovered a new species of sea slug is catching headlines because of its peculiar "Game of Thrones"-inspired name.

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