Film nomads, stuntwoman Zoe Bell, flu season, WNBA and more

Rep. David Valadao (R-Hanford)

Freshman GOP Congressman David Valadao makes a mid-term assessment

Central Valley dairy farmer David Valadao says it's easier to herd cows than fellow members of Congress, particularly on immigration.
Prison Arts - 12

Effort emerging to bring arts back to California prisons

California state senator Ted Lieu is among a group of lawmakers and arts advocates hoping to resurrect arts education programming at California prisons.
Sen. Ted Lieu
Ted Lieu represents California's 28th district in the State Senate and he argues that bringing art back into prisons can help alleviate many of the problems that plague the state's corrections system.
Los Angeles Sparks v Phoenix Mercury - Game Two

The ownerless LA Sparks and the future of the WNBA

With the WNBA taking over the Los Angeles Sparks while they search for new ownership, some questions remain whether or not there is enough national interest in women's basketball to sustain the league.
General Mills Quarterly Profits Jump 51 Percent

General Mills says original Cheerios are now GMO-free

General Mills made a big announcement recently. Cheerios is going GMO free. Now, if you know something about genetically modified crops, this may sound odd. Cheerios are mostly made of oats - a crop that isn't available as a GMO.
Cold Snap Endangers California Citrus Crop

California citrus growers assess damage of cold snap

Back in December, a deep freeze settled on the state. Most of us got away unscathed, but not California's $2 billion dollar citrus crop. A lot of fruit was damaged.
Paranormal Activity
Now it's time for On the Lot, our regular series of talks about the film biz with LA Times reporter Rebecca Keegan.
Zoe Bell

Odd Hollywood Jobs: Stuntwoman Zoë Bell

Although many actors like performing their own stunts, most of the dangerous scenes in movies are done by talented stunt performers. On our next installment of Odd Hollywood Jobs we’ll talk to one of the best stuntwomen in the business, Zoë Bell.

Supreme Court puts hold on same-sex marriages in Utah

This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court put a temporary hold on same-sex marriage licenses in Utah. The hold will last until the 10th Circuit court in Denver makes a decision on a state appeal arguing against gay marriage.
It's been almost a month since 13-year-old Jahi McMath's tonsil surgery complications led doctors to declare her brain dead. That set off a legal and ethical battle between the teenager's family and the hospital, which felt it could do nothing more for her.

Even from state’s best high schools, Latinos mostly go to community college

Latinos in California's best high schools mostly enroll in community college after graduation, while their white and Asian peers go to four-year universities.
In a very close vote -- 51 to 49 -- the powerful machinists union in Washington State agreed to a new, 8-year contract with Boeing. The contract keeps production in Washington, but the union conceded a lot of benefits in the deal.
On our occasional series Picture This we've talked with photographers who've been in war zones or far off lands. But our next installment is far more personal.

Hollywood 'nomads' question need for film tax credits

Alex Cohen talks with 33-year-old hair and cloth special effects director Daniel Lay about what he calls "the cycle of displacement," and why he says bolstered tax credits aren't the answer to curbing Hollywood's runaway production.
Earthquake Lights
A new study on the curious phenomenon known as earthquake lights posits some causes for the strange glowing lights that have been seen before earthquakes for centuries but have remained a mystery of science.
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