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Airbnb 'party house' in Glendale shut down after complaints

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A general view of atmosphere is seen at Airbnb's Hello LA event at The Grove on September 30, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Airbnb

In recent years, the web has revolutionized the way people travel by giving them the opportunity to rent other people's homes. But sites like Airbnb are not without their critics, especially in Glendale, where a 4,000-sq. ft. estate has been listed as “party central.”  

The ad invited potential renters to host weddings, receptions, reunions and a variety of other parties at the house, with a guest list of up to 200 people. 

At first, neighbors just thought the home's new tenant was having a housewarming party, but when the parties continued, they became suspicious. 

"All of sudden for several months, they would have a party every weekend, up to two or three in the morning," said Glendale News-Press reporter Brittany Levine. "They would see fights out in the street, they would see beer bottles in the street, which are not things that people in the Glenwood community are typically used to. People move there because they want a quiet suburban life."

Neighbors soon discovered the Airbnb listing and began filing complaints with the police whenever a party would happen at the house. In October, the police were dispatched to break up parties six times. 

"At one point there was a police helicopter that had to shine a spotlight on the house, several police officers were around," said Levine. "One neighbor sent me a video that he had taken from that night and he said he called it a 'war zone.'" 

The party house listing has since been taken down, though the property is still advertised for short term stays. 

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