Kelly Thomas trial ends, Tuesday Reviewsday, 'Friday Night Tykes' and more

Health Overhaul Spanish Enrollment
Latinos haven't had an easy time signing up for healthcare, and a quick visit to the Spanish-language version of the Affordable Care Act website might explain why.

The Kelly Thomas trial comes to an end

Yesterday, a jury in Fullerton found two former Fullerton police officers not guilty of beating homeless man Kelly Thomas to death in 2011.

A doctor's prescription for self-help books

Therapy or medication are sometimes inaccessible for people with a mental illness. But Dr Frude says another option should be prescription self-help books.
books library
New research from Emory University suggests that reading novels can actually lead to neurological changes in your brain. Not just the linguistic areas of your mind, but also in the parts governing physical activity.
Friday Night Tykes
Illegal recruiting, cheating, suspensions. Those may sound like story lines from a typical college football season, and they are all part of a new documentary-style show. The thing is, it's not about college football. It's about eight- and nine-year-old players.
Divisional Playoffs - New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks fans are documented to be some the loudest fans in sports. One way to do that is to make sure of that is to keep the numbers of fans of the opposing team are kept to a minimum when they play in their home stadium.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Mr. Bigz, Outkast and more

It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday our weekly new music segment. This week, Oliver Wang of drops by with his three picks of the week.
Earthquake House Retrofit

Northridge: Despite retrofits, are homes any safer now?

Cities — including LA — have encouraged homeowners to voluntarily retrofit their dwellings to make them better able to withstand shaking. But as KPCC's Sanden Totten reports, there are no state standards for such work. And many retrofits may not be up to the task.
Earthquake Tracker

Introducing KPCC's new Earthquake Tracker

And as part of our continuing coverage of the 20th anniversary of Northridge, we've built an Earthquake Tracker at our website. It's an interactive map that keeps a record of all seismic activity in California.
Matt Galang

Why do gays and lesbians smoke more?

In L.A. county, gays and lesbians smoke at a rate 55 percent higher than the straight population. A new campaign aims to bring that number down.
Baldwin Hills iPad - 8

Should LAUSD expand its iPad program?

The L.A. Unified School Board is voting today on whether to buy more iPads. Superintendent John Deasy is asking for 96,000 new tablets for students and teachers. But with all the controversy that has so far surrounded the iPad program, debate is likely to be robust.
Los Angeles Central Library
Last week, the LA Public Library announced a new program to help high school drop outs get a degree. Here to tell us more about it is John Szabo, city librarian for the LA - which means he's the top dog at LA's public library system.

New law gives midwives more rights, allows home birth for low-income women

A new California law gives midwives more autonomy, so they're able to do their work to work without the supervision of a doctor.

How the 'Black List' can catapult a screenwriter's career

The annual publication highlights the most popular un-produced screenplays in Hollywood, chosen by hundreds of film executives.
Hollywood Producer Cassian Elwes recently decided he wanted to give back by mentoring an unrepresented writer. Elwes chose Matthew Hickman — a UPS clerk who moved out here from Georgia.
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