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‘Casa Del Jardin’ offers girls a life after prostitution

TO GO WITH AFP STORY "Tijuana: A City Un


Mexican prostitutes wait for clients on a street of Tijuana city, Baja California state, 06 August 2007. Prostitution is one of the activities that attract more people who live in the US side of the border.

The San Diego-Tijuana border remains one of the most heavily trafficked international crossings in the world. And that traffic has a dark side: humans, especially girls, being bought, sold, and forced into labor or sex.

A recent high-profile case in San Diego netted dozens of arrests for sex trafficking, but there are few resources for victims on the Mexican side of the border. A resident of San Diego has opened a shelter in Tijuana for victimized girls.

Brooke Binkowski reports it's one of only two in all of Mexico.

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