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State Of Affairs: Sen. Kevin de León, LA County Sheriff race and more

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California state senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) (R) looks on as state senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) speaks during a news conference on November 22, 2013 in Santa Rosa, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It's Thursday and that means it's time for State of Affairs, our look at politics and government throughout California. To help us with that we're joined in studio by KPCC political reporters Alice Walton and Frank Stoltze.

Let's start this week with a coming change in state leadership. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg announced this week that Kevin de Leon will likely be the next leader of the Senate. Does this come as a surprise?

There's long been a tradition that a politician from Southern California leads the Assembly and a politician from Northern California leads the Senate. But this would change that tradition. What's been the response?

Another change in elected office was announced this morning by Congressman Buck McKeon of Santa Clarita. After 24 years in the House, McKeon announced he won't seek reelection. What does this mean for Republican?

From one race to another, let's talk about the campaign for L.A. County sheriff for a moment. This week, Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell made a 180 and announced he would run for sheriff, despite announcing months ago that he wasn't interested. I guess it helped that Sheriff Lee Baca is stepping down? 

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake. This week L.A. city leaders commemorated that event by announcing a new push to prepare the city for the next big one. How serious is City Hall about taking what could be some really costly measures?

Finally, the 20-20 Commission led by former U.S. Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor and former jobs czar Austin Beutner released this past week that takes a critical eye toward L.A. city government. How has the City Council responded?

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