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Kenneth Branagh gives Jack Ryan saga a new twist in 'Shadow Recruit'

by Take Two®

Kenneth Branagh (center) is Viktor Cherevin in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit", from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions. Anatoliy Vorobev

This weekend, the latest reboot of Tom Clancy's Cold War spy thrillers opens in movie theaters nationwide. 

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" features Chris Pine in the title role. The film's director, Kenneth Branagh, also does a turn as a nasty Russian villain with one finger on the button of world destruction. This time, it's the stock market button instead of the nuclear one.

Fans of the previous Jack Ryan films have enjoyed seeing the noble hero save the world from nuclear annihilation, uncover U.S. involvement in Colombia, and avert an attack at the Super Bowl. Now the story is being retold with a different backstory.


Director Kenneth Branagh joins Take Two to talk about tackling the franchise and how this iteration compares to those of the past. 

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