Obama's NSA speech, Whisky A Go Go turns 50 and more


Legal questions surrounding Obama's proposed NSA changes

President Obama's reforms to the NSA surveillance program will likely intensify the legal questions surrounding this issue. For more, we're joined by David Cole, a constitutional law professor at Georgetown University.
Activists Protest Outside Justice Dep't During Obama Speech On NSA Reforms
It's Friday, which means it's time for another Friday Flashback, our weekly look at the week in news. To help us with that we're joined by LA Times columnist James Rainey, and Nancy Cook of National Journal.
U.S. California Cities  Hollywood  Sunset Strip
On January 16, 1964 — 50 years ago today — The Whisky a Go Go opened its doors for the first time. But as the Sunset Strip changed, so has the way business is done at the venue. KPCC's Kevin Ferguson reports.
This weekend the latest reboot of Tom Clancy's Cold War spy thrillers opens in movie theaters nationwide.
Northridge Earthquake Truck Driver

Northridge at 20: Truck driver who escaped collapse recalls his near miss

Another man recalls his father, an LAPD motorcycle officer who lost his life when the 6.7 magnitude earthquake ruptured the freeway on which he was riding.
Geothermal Production in the Imperial Valley has increased activities around the San Andreas Fault

Northridge: The story behind the San Andreas Fault

The San Andreas fault runs hundreds of miles, from high mountains to low deserts. It passes through dozens of California's communities, and, according to scientists, a large earthquake could be imminent.
Center For American Progress Hosts 10th Anniversary Conference

Gov. Jerry Brown officially declares drought in California

Now Governor Jerry Brown has officially declared a drought emergency at a press conference in San Francisco.

Wilshire Crest among 20 schools that lost art teachers during winter break

LA Unified transferred arts teachers to different schools mid-year due to student enrollment changes. Forty schools gained access, 20 lost teachers.
How I Met Your Mother
This week, the creators of the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" became the latest to apologize for their portrayals of Asians. The mea culpa came after Asian-American viewers voiced their outrage on Twitter.
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Emily Bazar of the California Healthcare Foundation Center for Health Reporting joins the show for her regular explainer of the Affordable Care Act, Ask Emily.
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