California's link to polar vortex, Tuesday Reviewsday, photographer Henry Diltz and more

Polar Vortex Weather System Brings Artic Temperatures Across Wide Swath Of U.S.
Here in Southern California, residents are grappling with what it means to be back in an official drought and wondering why it is so hot — in January.
Ramiro Gomez artist

Los Angeles artist brings immigrant labor into focus

The son of Mexican immigrants knows his subject and tries to throw a spotlight on the "invisible" men and women who make many an affluent L.A. household hum.
With the recent local tour bus crashes that have killed two and injured dozens, there are many questions surrounding how these vehicles operate and how they are regulated on the state and federal level.
Henry Diltz

Album cover photographer Henry Diltz still rockin' into his 70s

The California Report's Diane Bock brings us this profile of a photographer who is still behind the lens, nearly 50 years on.
Saving The Kelp Forests
Signs of radioactivity are predicted to reach our shores this year from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. Professor Steven Manley teaches biology at Cal State Long Beach and he's heading up this project called Kelp Watch.
Coral Reefs

Saving the coral reefs

Climate change has been hard on the areas of the ocean that house coral reefs. All over the world reefs and some areas are experiencing huge die-offs.
SF art

San Francisco's smallest gallery invites patrons to take a peek

The San Francisco art scene is pretty huge, but in the Mission District there's one gallery that is decidedly smaller. So small that it can't actually host visitors.
Grant Park

Phoenix development would bridge rich, poor

There’s a movement afoot to bring new money into urban areas all over the country. And surprisingly Phoenix, Arizona, is a part of that movement. The city has long been famous for its suburban sprawl.
Los Lonely Boys
Today is the day for Tuesday Reviewsday! This week we are joined by music critic Steve Hochman and Justino Aguila from Billboard Latin.
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