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App Chat: Dr. Dre launches new music streaming service

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Producer and musician Dr. Dre and Interscope and Geffen Records chairman Jimmy Iovine are on the field before the Boston Red Sox take on the the New York Yankees on April 4, 2010 during Opening Night at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Elsa/Getty Images

You would think that music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and iTunes Radio would provide enough listening choices to sate the average consumer.

But a new player is on the scene. 

This week Dr. Dre, longtime record producer and rap impresario, launched Beats Music.

If the Beats brand sounds familiar, it's because a couple of years ago, Dre entered the saturated headphone market - and took it over with Beats-branded accessories.

He effectively turned headphones into high fashion.

The question now is whether Beats Music will be able to thrive in the saturated music streaming market.

Joining us to discuss Dre's new venture is Joanna Stern - personal technology columnist with the Wall Street Journal.

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