High rents on the West Coast, LA Times Homicide Report, Rick Caruso and more

Housing Report Suggests Rising Rents Could Lead To Home Market Turnaround

Rental prices on the rise in West Coast cities

The data shows that San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles all had increases in rent prices during the month of December. And that rise isn't just confined to the state. Portland also had a 10.5 percent month-to-month average increase.
 UC Riverside

Rent in Riverside rising faster than incomes

Congressman Mark Takano's paper "Rent on the Rise in Riverside" notes that a third of renters out there are paying more than 50 percent of their income on housing.
Korean Foster Parents

Seeing none, Korean-American community works to recruit foster parents

A shortage of Korean-speaking foster parents spurs a partnership between the county's Department of Family and Child Services and Korean organizations.
Shots Fired At Santa Monica College

LA Times revamps The Homicide Report blog

The stories of homicide victims might have stayed anonymous if it weren't for the Los Angeles Times and its revamped blog, The Homicide Report. The report debuted in 2007 as a way to tell unknown stories of homicide victims. This week it re-launched
Jim McDonnell

LA sheriff’s race: Can outsider Jim McDonnell overcome tradition?

L.A. County Sheriffs have come from within the department for the past century. Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell wants to change history.

Boehner wading into the fight over California water

Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought here last week and made a reference to it in his State of the State speech yesterday. As Governor Brown was speaking, House Speaker John Boehner was gathering with a trio of San Joaquin Valley Republicans near Bakersfield.
Shoppers wait to cross the street from T
Americana at Brand is the work of L.A. developer Rick Caruso, who's also responsible for The Grove in the Fairfax district and about 10 other projects throughout California and Nevada.
The New Yorker Festival 2013 - In Conversation - Ethan Hawke Talks With Hilton Als

Hilton Als on 'White Girls', Eminem and André Leon Talley

New Yorker writer Hilton Als' latest book, "White Girls," a collection of essays that explores the intersections of race, gender and sexuality. The book is a finalist for a National Book Critics Award.
California Governor Race Kashkari
It's Thursday, and that means it's time for State of Affairs, our look at politics and government throughout California.
Casino Bus Lobby

Tour bus safety: Casinos look the other way, regulators overwhelmed

Casino buses are part of a booming business in California, but as these buses have soared in popularity, a KPCC investigation found regulation has become more lax.
California Unemployment Tied For Highest In U.S. At 9.8 Percent

New program aims to help veterans navigate post-war life

The IAVA has created what it calls the Rapid Response Referral Program to help veterans navigate post-war life. That program is already underway in New York, and starting tonight, it launches here in Los Angeles.
In the Mexican state of Michoacan, armed vigilante groups have challenged a powerful drug cartel, known as the Knight Templars. Federal forces have moved in to dozens of municipalities and some residents are expressing relief and concern.
A woman shoots video of the sign at the entrance to the Facebook main campus in Menlo Park, California

Where are the politically engaged techies?

The latest boom in Silicon Valley has brought with it massive traffic jams, stratospheric housing costs, and resentful blowback.

SoCal Rain Dance: Song suggestions to bring on the rainfall

We took your suggestions for songs about the rain, hoping that they'd bring rain... and we played them on the radio.
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