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Shepard Fairey among artists featured in LA's Cat Art Show

Shepard Fairey's piece,
Shepard Fairey's piece, "Radical Cat," will be featured in LA's Cat Art Show.
Cat Art Show

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Cats may be the Internet era's number-one muse. From the millions of cat videos being shared every day to the frequency of your friends' furriest pal on Instagram and Facebook, cats rule the Web world. 

Now, thanks to a new exhibit in L.A.'s Gallery 101 on Santa Monica Boulevard, cats have risen to the status of fine-art muses like Mona Lisa...well, kind of. 

"Cat Art Show" is a free event celebrating our feline companions in all their unique, often aloof, sometimes playful, glory. The show runs from January 25 - February 2 and brings together 78 artists — including LA's own Shepard Fairey — with more than 100 works for sale. Pieces range from $300 -$50,000 and some proceeds will go to Stray Cat Alliance of Los Angeles.

"I want to expose people to more art. A lot of people have said to me I love cats but I don't know anything about art," said gallery curator Susan Michals on Take Two. "I love cats and I saw an opportunity to utilize them, to show people, Yes you do love art. You love art because it's got a cat in it, and it's absolutely gorgeous." 

Besides Shepard Fairey, artists like Rob Reger (known for his "Emily The Strange" series), Ray Caesar (who Michals describes as the "grandfather of the digital art movement), and Tracy Emin (who Michals describes as the "most successful female artist alive), among others.

Michals says she's received 1,000 RSVPs for the event and that some people are planning to fly in from all over the country to attend. But even though the show will celebrate the many facets of our feline friends, Michals says please don't bring your cat to the show. 

"I really wouldn't want a bunch of cats in a room with 350 people," said Michals. "Many of the artists are allergic, Shepard Fairey is extremely allergic. Then if a cat gets freaked out, I wouldn't want them to scratch Shepard Fairey or any of the art, because then I'd be liable all the way around."

An opening reception is planned for Saturday, Jan. 25  from 7-10 PM. Gallery 101 is located at 6205 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90038.