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SOTU preview, Sochi security, LA 'Hacktivists', NSA targets game apps and more

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One of the many topics President Obama is likely to address tonight in his State of the Union address is income inequality. The timing is certainly right. Some economists believe the income gap is as high as it was at the start of the Great Depression.
In his last State of the Union, the President made a call to action, telling Congress to pass an immigration bill saying "Let's get it done." There was some real progress, the Senate even passed a bill before immigration reform stalled out in the House.

Security a concern ahead of Winter Olympics in Sochi

From October 15 through the end of 2013 there were three suicide bombings targeting transportation in Volgograd, 600 miles north of Sochi.
Views Of Sochi Ahead Olympic Games
The 2014 Games in Sochi, Russia are little more than a week away and with them comes another potential source of pressure - the possibility of terrorism.
Hack For LA

LA hopes 'Hacktivists' will turn city data into user-friendly apps

Since taking office last July, Mayor Eric Garcetti has promised transparency in government. One of the ways he's hoping to affect change is by posting information about the city's operations online to make information available to the public anytime, anywhere.
Angry Birds

NSA targets Angry Birds mobile app to collect personal data

A new report found that the NSA and its British counterpart have spent years collecting information from apps like Angry Birds.
Guinness Celebrates Arthur's Day
It's Tuesday - which means that it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. This week we're joined by music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.
Options Head Start - 4

Obama pushes for more funding for universal pre-K

When President Obama gives his State of the Union Speech tonight, advocates for early childhood education will be paying close attention. For years, they've been working to get Universal Preschool on the national agenda.
Reporter Corps

Neighborhoods: Touring South LA's Manchester Square

Young South L.A. resident, Skylar Endsley Myers, takes us on a tour of her neighborhood, where big-city grit and good food give her a sense of home.
nail art

Nail art a big business for SoCal artists

Manicures and pedicures are big business in California. Nail services across the country represent a booming $8 billion dollar industry that hit a record high last year. You can thank gels and intricate nail designs for that.
The new farm bill includes provisions to help livestock producers hit by natural disasters and extreme weather. Here, cattle stay warm in a barn in Illinois during this month's cold weather.
The five-year, trillion-dollar federal farm bill could head for a vote in the House as early as tomorrow. After two years of political wrangling over food stamps and crop subsidies, politicians are hopeful the current iteration of the bill will pass.
Rising Price of Gold Spurs Increases In Prospecting In California

California drought sends gold miners to the hills

The California drought may have a silver, or rather gold, lining of sorts. The dry conditions have lowered river beds and uncovered possible new gold deposits. That's why modern-day prospectors are heading to the hills.
Backstage Culver City

Super Bowl 2014: Los Angeles Seahawks and Broncos bars face-off

The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will be facing off in New Jersey in Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend. Here in Los Angeles there will also be a contest, of two rival sports bars.
Super Bowl XLVIII - Preview
As we approach Super Bowl Sunday, those still looking for tickets to the big game and willing to pay a hefty price call second-tier sellers like Ety Ryback and Jason Zinna.

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