Rep. Henry Waxman retires, Calif. drought, gun safety and more

Henry Waxman

Waxman on his retirement: Will continue to fight

Rep. Henry Waxman speaks with Take Two about his decision to retire from Congress and what's next for him. "I will stay active ... and to make good policy progress for people."
California Drought Dries Up Bay Area Reservoirs
Less than two weeks after declaring a drought emergency, Governor Jerry Brown is in Los Angeles this morning meeting with 15 water managers from Southern California to discuss the ongoing drought conditions.
Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta Water System Bay

GOP bill aims to stop San Joaquin River restoration

Yesterday, California republican congressmen Devin Nunes, David Valadao and Kevin McCarthy introduced a bill aimed at repealing efforts to connect the San Joaquin River to the San Francisco Bay.
House Holds Hearing On Protecting U.S. Electrical Grid
The 74-year-old is considered one of the most liberal members of Congress. For more on his lengthy career and today's announcement we're joined by KPCC's Washington correspondent Kitty Felde.
Ask Emily logo condensed

Ask Emily on Take Two: Is the ACA working for you?

Emily Bazar of the California Healthcare Foundation Center for Health Reporting joins host A Martinez to answer consumers’ questions about the Affordable Health Act.
Children's Hospital Los Angeles Trauma Bay

Pediatricians urged to ask parents: Is your gun safely stored?

In a new report published in the February issue of its journal, Pediatrics, it reported that 7,391 children were hospitalized for gunshot wounds in the U.S. in 2009 — about 20 a day. Of those, 1,000 were under the age of 15.
Nation's Lawmakers To Take Up Gun Control Legislation Debate

Can tech innovation make guns safer?

A group of tech investors in San Francisco think it might be the answer. They've formed a group called the Smart Tech Foundation, and set out a challenge. They're offering $1 million to entrepreneurs with ideas to make firearms safer.

DWP's biggest achievements are environmental, says outgoing chief

Ron Nichols, head of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, leaves his job tomorrow. We heard yesterday about the controversy surrounding how $40-million in ratepayer money was spent, and today, we'll hear about his biggest achievements.
New York City Tops Nation In Income Inequality
The one percent is feeling pretty nervous these days. There hasn't been a whole lot of love for the nation's wealthiest people, and some of the uber rich are concerned that they may actually be in danger.
In the Mexican state of Michoacán, armed civilian groups continue to challenge the powerful drug cartels in the region. The federal government began by calling earlier this month for the groups to lay down their arms.
Schwarzenegger Holds Press Conference On Passing Of California Budget
It's Thursday, and that means it's time for State of Affairs, our look at politics and government throughout California. To help us with that we're joined in studio by KPCC political reporter Alice Walton and KPCC Political editor Oscar Garza.
Super Bowl XLVIII - Preview
KPCC business reporter Ben Bergman and editor Soren Bowie joined us to talk about how the upcoming Super Bowl is affecting their friendship and provide their predictions on the game.
New York Area Prepares For Super Bowl XLVIII
Have an idea of the Gatorade color that will douse the Super Bowl winning coach? Or if one of the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be shirtless during the halftime show?
Tijuana Internet

Tijuana’s need for Internet speed

By some measures, Mexico might have some of the fastest Internet speeds in Latin America. But for Tijuana's ambitious tech entrepreneurs and aspiring professional gamers, it's still painfully slow.
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