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Boehner's immigration push, Chinese New Year, microbead pollution and more

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Speaker John Boehner pushes for GOP immigration bill

House Speaker John Boehner is now calling for legal status for 11 million undocumented workers, and possible citizenship for those brought to this country as children. But not all Republicans are behind it.
Los Angeles is home to 350,000 Salvadorans, the largest number outside of El Salvador. For the first time ever, they'll be able to participate in the election from abroad.

Friday Flashback: SOTU, income inequality, Waxman and more

It's Friday, which means it's time for another Friday Flashback -- our look at the week in news. Oh what a week it's been. To help us with that we're joined this week by columnist James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times and Nancy Cook of National Journal.
One of Edwards' emPOWERED bags charging an iPhone
If you find yourself away from home or your car charger with a dead phone battery, what can you do? A new line of handbags has the answer.
Puppy Bowl X Hero Shots
Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl turns 10. What seemed like an adorable joke at first has turned into an enduring tradition at the cable channel. A Martinez talks with executive producer Melinda Toporoff and referee Dan Schachner.
Colonel Meow
Facebook now boasts millions of profiles not for people, but for pets. One such star joins the show (with his owner) to offer insight on why cats rule the Internet.
Chinese New Year
Today marks the first day of Chinese New Year – the Year of the Horse. That means big celebrations throughout California’s Chinese communities and communities who have strong ties to China.

Mama Lu's Dumpling House works overtime to meet Lunar New Year demand

It's the start of lunar New Year today and in Asian homes all over the world people gather together and eat to celebrate the coming year with family, friends and a table full of food. Reporter Sasa Woodruff stopped by a popular dumpling restaurant in Monterey Park to see what might be served up.

SoCal malls hope to cash in on Chinese New Year

Last year was the Year of the Snake, and this is the Year of the Horse, the seventh designation in the 12-year Chinese calendar cycle. Like every other holiday, some companies and shopping malls are trying to cash in on the Lunar New Year.
Saturday, the U.S. national men’s soccer team plays South Korea in an exhibition game. The match is a friendly, but a lot is at stake ahead of the World Cup.
If you're looking to change up your guacamole recipe, you're in luck. We called up Chef Robert Santibañez, a spokesperson for Avocados from Mexico and chef at Fonda Comida Mexicana in Manhattan, for some ideas.
A box of pizza is shown on March 31, 201

The art and science of pizza boxes

Dominos alone expects to sell 11 million slices on game day. Chances are most folks probably won't care one bit about the box it came in, but not Scott Wiener of New York.

Why are tiny, exfoliating microbeads so bad for US waterways?

Your face wash or body soap may contain microbeads — tiny balls of plastic designed to help exfoliate your body. These microbeads are clogging up waterways like the LA River, acting as a sponge and vehicle for dangerous chemicals as they go.
The Atavist

Life after working at Hawaii's Kalaupapa leper colony

When she graduated from college, Brooke Jarvis took a rather unusual job. She worked as a garbage lady of sorts at a leper colony on a remote peninsula of the Hawaiian island of Molokai.

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