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Sochi scene, CVS tobacco ban, 'Tonight Show' leaves LA and more

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Much ado about Sochi's Winter Olympics accommodations

Whether it's terrorist threats, construction issues or political unrest, the Games have been constantly surrounded by controversy and concerns. Now, leading up to the eve of the Olympiad, there have been recent reports that even the hotels aren't ready to host such a global event.

CVS to stop selling tobacco products in October 2014

Today, CVS announced they would stop selling all cigarettes and tobacco products nationwide by October.
The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman of an apparent drug overdose was a shock to almost everyone who heard the news. Hoffman, it's been widely reported, had over two decades of sobriety under his belt before relapsing into addiction last year.
Peña Nieto unveiled the plan Tuesday on a visit to the state capital Morelia. The plan includes loans for small businesses, improvements to local ports and roads and funds for education and healthcare.
Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic
The Lakers are historically bad, will a little Magic save the Sparks? And Richard Sherman shows off some hand/eye interpretation. That means it's time for sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, who have covered the sports scene for ESPN and the L.A. Times.
70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

Small businesses are sad to see 'The Tonight Show' leave Burbank

More than 150 people at NBC will lose their jobs after The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ends. Some nearby businesses will also feel the pinch.
La Canada Child Educational Center Preschool Gender

GOP lawmakers show support for preschool programs

Preschool has become one of the hottest topics in politics. While Republicans have been pushing for big cuts and spending almost everywhere else, many are pumping lots of cash into early education.
Senate Republicans Address The Media After Their Weekly Policy Meeting
After two years of Congressional infighting, the U.S. farm bill finally passed both the House and the Senate. It now goes to the President for his signature.
Edible Schoolyard

Chef Jamie Oliver's mobile kitchen brings cooking to Sacramento high school

British chef Jamie Oliver's Big Rig — a traveling teaching kitchen now touring the state — roared onto the campus of Sacramento Charter High School for a three-week stint of cooking.
Cold Snap Winter Crops
It's been a rough year for citrus crops in California. New estimates out this week show that a week of freezing temperatures in December wiped out nearly a quarter of the state's $2 billion citrus industry.
Asian Citrus Psyllid
Efforts in Riverside to rid citrus crops of the Asian citrus psyllid are well underway. After conducting several tests, researchers there found that wasps are a natural enemy of the psyllid, the tiny insects that spread the incurable citrus greening disease.
The Hummus

The Hummus takes a satirical look at Islamophobia

There's a new satirical new site called The Hummus that's being hailed as The Onion for Muslims, founded by three Silicon Valley-based practicing Muslims in their 20s.
Will Forte
Will Forte joins the show to talk about his favorite memories from "SNL" and his foray into more serious dramatic acting.

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