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Hurdles plague immigration reform

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House Speaker John Boehner told reporters Thursday that he didn't think immigration reform was likely to happen any time soon. Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Today, House Speaker John Boehner told reporters that he didn't think immigration reform was likely to happen any time soon.

The Ohio Republican said "There's widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws, and it's going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes."

Mistrust of Democrats aside, there are plenty of other hurdles when it comes to immigration reform.

Politico's Congressional reporter Seung Min Kim wrote about one key challenge and she joins us now. Welcome back. 


On John Boehner’s thoughts Thursday morning:

He’s kind of reflecting the sentiment that’s in his conference right now. What you hear constantly from house Republicans and I hear this from house Republicans who really want to do immigration reform, this obstacle … of distrust of the President that they have is becoming a true issue in trying to do immigration reform this year.

On what immigration means for Republicans and midterm elections:

There’s not a lot of evidence that immigration might play a major role in the midterm elections this year. There’s very few of these swing districts period that are actually pretty competitive and even fewer where immigration would become an issue. A lot of people believe it’s going to be an issue in the 2016 race. A lot of Republicans believe that the party is not going to be able to take back the White House if they don’t do immigration reform and try to open that avenue of conversation with Latino voters.

On the tough guest workers issue for immigration:

For future low-skilled workers; hotels, hospitality industry, restaurants, etc. There was a big disagreement on how many people to bring in per year. Labor unions had lobbied for certain wage protections and what was really remarkable on the Senate side is that The Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO usually don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things but on this they were able to reach a landmark agreement.

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