Immigration reform, Dumb Starbucks, California drought and more

Immigrant Rights Advocates Protest At Elizabeth Detention Center
A number of immigration reform advocacy groups plan to target Congressmen in an aggressive new campaign at public appearances and hearings.

Those in the Obamacare 'affordability gap' risk futures in medical debt

One in four American currently face medical debt. The Affordable Care Act should lessen that debt by improving access to healthcare, but some populations could still face mounting bills.
Inmates at Chino State Prison walk past their bunk beds in a gymnasium that was modified to house prisoners  in Chino, California
A federal three-judge panel ruled yesterday that Governor Jerry Brown now has two more years to reduce the state's prison population.
President Obama is coming to California to visit Fresno at the end of the week, where he'll get a first hand view of how the drought is affecting this state.

Drought: Ranchers already making tough decisions

A warm, wet weather system could bring as much as a half-foot of rain to some parts of California this weekend. Even so, the state's top water official says we'd need to get significant precipitation every other day through May just to get back to normal.
California Drought Communities In Crisis
The Metropolitan Water District actually has a surplus of the wet stuff. Now the big question is what to do with it? For more on that we're joined now by the district's general manager Jeffrey Kightlinger.
California Report

Richmond school uses mindfulness to teach coping skills

Plenty of school kids deal with a world of emotional problems, but some kids have a whole host of issues greater than the usual. Drug abuse in the home, incarcerated parents or even homelessness.
US singer Neneh Cherry performs during t
It's Tuesday, which means that it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. This week we're joined by music critic Steve Hochman and Justino Aguila from Billboard Latin.

Dog discrimination uncovered at the Westminster dog show

As the 138th Annual Westminster Dog Show​ continues Tuesday, we take a look at the discrimination towards dachshunds, who have never won the competition's top prize of Best in Show.

Olympic luger Kate Hansen of La Cañada on the Sochi experience

Just a few hours ago, women competed in the single luge event at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Representing the USA was southern Californian Kate Hansen of La Cañada.
Salvation Mountain Declared National Folk Art Shrine
Known as Salvation Mountain, its long-time creator, Leonard Knight, died Monday at the age of 82. We’re joined now by Zack Godshall, a filmaker who spent time with Knight for a 2009 documentary called "God’s Architects."
"Hidden Girl" is a harrowing tale of how a young girl wound up becoming a child slave for years, both in her home country of Egypt and after her captors smuggled her into the U.S.

Students from Japan wow LA churches with gospel music

Despite not speaking English or coming from a tradition that understands its spirituality, Japanese students come to LA every year to shock parishioners in black churches with their powerful gospel music.
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