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UCLA poetry professor says Kristen Stewart's 'embarrassing' poem isn't that bad

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Actress Kristen Stewart arrives on the red carpet for the 85th Annual Academy Awards on February 24, 2013 in Hollywood, California. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, which is a time for fancy dinners, chocolates and if you are really romantic poetry. But before you think about writing a love poem know that writing a good one is no easy feat. Just look what happened to actress Kristen Stewart of "Twilight" fame.

She recently shared a poem she penned, titled "My Heart Is A Wiffle Ball/Freedom Pole," with the magazine Marie Claire

My Heart Is A Wiffle Ball/Freedom Pole by Kristen Stewart

I reared digital moonlight 
You read its clock, scrawled neon across that black
Kismetly … ubiquitously crest fallen 
Thrown down to strafe your foothills 
…I'll suck the bones pretty.
Your nature perforated the abrasive organ pumps 
Spray painted everything known to man, 
Stream rushed through and all out into 
Something Whilst the crackling stare down sun snuck 
Through our windows boarded up 
He hit your flint face and it sparked.

And I bellowed and you parked 
We reached Marfa. 
One honest day up on this freedom pole 
Devils not done digging 
He's speaking in tongues all along the pan handle 
And this pining erosion is getting dust in 
My eyes 
And I'm drunk on your morsels 
And so I look down the line 
Your every twitch hand drum salute 
Salutes mine …

Some critics have dubbed it the worst poem ever, but one poet believes Stewart's work shows some promise, and above all bravery. Brian Kim Stefans, a UCLA assistant professor of poetry, joins the show with his review of her work. 

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