Mexico trade, California drought, Antarctic photos and more

World Baseball Classic- Mexico City Day 2
California sold more than $26 billion in goods to Mexico, but a huge chunk of those dollars come from large businesses. This week, smaller businesses were in Mexico trying to do deals.

White House officials, Gov. Brown discuss drought and climate change

One issue President Obama is expected to raise during his Central Valley stop is the connection between extreme weather events — like the drought — and climate change.
President Obama Departs The White House
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Facebook now offers 50 custom gender options

For those who prefer terms like Gender Variant, Pangender, or Two Spirit, there's some good news. At least online. Yesterday, Facebook expanded its list of gender options to about 50 different descriptors.
Love Illuminated Book Cover

In new book, NYT's Modern Love editor explores 'Love Illuminated'

It's a day to celebrate flowers, overly sweetened chocolate and romantic love... but what does romantic love mean in this day and age?
LAPD PAL Program - 4
According to a new Field Poll from the California Endowment, when it comes to kids, the majority of Californians are very concerned about two things: unhealthy eating and lack of exercise.
Obesity Epidemic Hits California
By some estimates, obesity-related disease accounts for twenty percent of health care expenses in this country, but who should pay the price? According to some in the legal community, that responsibility falls with the food manufacturers themselves.
California Wine Sales Hit A New Record In 2005
Michael Steinberger's new book, "The Wine Savant: A Guide to the New Wine Culture," helps make sense of contemporary wine culture.
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Antarctic researchers have uncovered old film negatives left behind by one of Shackleton's teams 100 years ago.
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